About the School

"An astonishing school"
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About Whitgift: The School's Aims

  • To strive for excellence in all aspects of school life, promoting a culture of achievement and the celebration of achievement.
  • To offer a broad, balanced and innovative curriculum which challenges all pupils at an appropriate level.
  • To inculcate positive values of mutual respect, tolerance and self-esteem, fostering an informed and critical awareness of the mores prevalent in society.
  • To apply a supportive pastoral framework, which both establishes a strong corporate identity and also allows the individual to flourish.
  • To provide a stimulating and life-enhancing environment in which to live, learn and appreciate our heritage.
  • To attract and develop well-qualified, talented and forward thinking staff capable of inspiring pupils in their respective fields.
  • To offer a rich and broad co-curricular programme which enables both the highest levels of achievement and wide accessibility.
  • To maintain excellent relations with the wider community, nurturing mutually beneficial links in a variety of spheres.
  • To infuse a variety of areas of school life with an international dimension.
  • To prepare boys for the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly technological future.