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About Whitgift: Whitgift Remembers WWI

Whitgiftians in WWI

This page commemorates the Old Whitgiftians who died in WWI. A list of names of the 251 men who attended the School, but were sadly lost in the conflict, can be found at the bottom of this page. A full album of pictures of these men can be found by clicking here.

Like many public schools, Whitgift had a Cadet Corps that dated back to 1874. It was attached to the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Queen’s Regiment and had an Officer’s Training Corps from 1908. By the time war was declared, numerous OWs had joined Territorial Army units, others volunteering for Kitchener’s New Army.

The School’s Book of Remembrance indicates that around 1,400 boys and teaching staff saw active service. More than 330 received decorations or mentions and 251 Old Whitgiftians laid down their lives. Headmaster Samuel Andrew would read out, in Big School, each Wednesday morning, the names of those who had given their lives or suffered severe, life-changing injuries; this must have been a huge burden on him as he would recall the boys he had taught: Prefects, Captains, many who had visited him on holiday from their universities and colleges and those OWs he had met at various school events, all on happier occasions. As weeks came and went, the lists read would grow ever longer.

No fewer than 92 Military Crosses (M.C.), five Distinguished Flying Crosses (D.F.C.), one Air Force Cross (A.F.C.), six Distinguished Conduct Medals (D.C.M.), one Distinguished Service Medal (D.S.M.), five Military Medals (M.M.), one Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) were awarded as well as a number of foreign orders and decorations, including ten French Croix de Guerre and the Italian Silver Medal for Valour, which was received by Sir Arthur Tedder. Many OWs were mentioned in dispatches, some more than once, while one, George Walter Barber, was mentioned six times.

Of the total 251 Whitgiftians who died in the conflict, many were still students at the School at the outbreak of the war. A photograph of Founder’s Day Parade from March 1914 shows four officers leading – of these, three lost their lives in WWI – one in 1915, one in 1916 and one in 1918. The fourth in the photograph was killed in 1942, having previously served as a Captain in WWI, winning an MC. Of the 1913-14 1st XV, nine of their players were killed in the war.

Amongst those killed in the war were eight pairs of brothers from the Buckworth, Carter, Cooper, Cowlin, Frisch, Fuller, Warner and Williams families. The loss of the Coldwells family was particularly tragic as three out of four of their sons died in the war.

The youngest Whitgiftian to die in the conflict was Midshipman Harold Stuart Pearce Brabner. Only 16 years old, he went down with the ship Don Arturo, on 17 June, 1917, on his first voyage returning from Africa. 

By July of 1918, Headmaster Samuel Andrew was already considering the establishment of a small committee to discuss the form a War Memorial should take. Money was raised to build a memorial, a column surmounted by the Whitgift cross upon a two-platform base erected on the lawn in front of the Tower; carved in Hopton Wood Stone, designed and constructed by Croydon funeral directors Ebbutt’s and unveiled on Saturday 11 March 1922 at 3.30pm by Major-General Sir J.R. Longley, KCMG, CBE. The Major-General then unveiled a memorial panel in Big School; a set of parchments beautifully illuminated in with gold leaf and bearing the names of the fallen in black calligraphic hand.

ABRAMS, Lawrence Golding

EXELBY, Charles Roden

O’REILLEY, Henry Duncan Ryan

ADAMS, John Rodway

FENN, Roland Pitt

PAINE, Lionel Walter

ADAMS, Frederick Leslie

FLOWER, Albert Charles

PARKER, Walter Henry

ADAMS, Henry Neville

FOOT, Frederick Charles

PASCALL, Thomas Osbourne

ADAMS, James Raymond

FOOTNER, Arthur Henry

PEGG, Hallam William

ADDY, Kenneth James Balguy

FORSTER, William Edward Blake

PENDRIGH, Alexander Conrad Cuthbertson

AHERNE, Robert Howard

FREEMAN, John William

PENTELOW, George Norman E

ATHA, Leonard Edward

FRISCH, Charles

PERRIN, Thomas Frederick

ATKINSON, Lewis De Burgh

FRISCH, Geoffrey

PERRY, Kenneth George

BANKS, Fred Lakeman

FROST, Arthur Byfield

PETRIE, Alfred Hunt

BARKER, Edward Thomas

FULCHER, William Edwin

PITMAN, Thomas Stuart

BARNETT, Patrick Bernard

FULLER, Ernest Paget

PLANTEROSE, Ernest Albert

BARRIE, William Andrew

FULLER, Leonard Arthur

PORTER, Ernest James

BASE, Samuel Davis

FULLER, Morris Richard

PORTER, William Reginald

BASSETT, Geoffrey Edward

GARRARD, Fredrick George

POULTER, Donovan

BEHM, Ernest John Alfred

GLIDDON, Maurice

PURVES, Thomas Warren


GODFREY, Stephen Mervyn

RADLEY, Christopher Septimus


GOODWIN, Henry Cecil

REEVE, John Stanley

BERRY, Algernon Laurence

GREEN, Charles Layton

REID, James Archibald John

BERRY, Percy Hamilton


REYNOLDS, Percy Basil


GRIGG, Lionel Francis

RIGBY, Edgar Wiliam

BOND, Charles Nesbitt

HAMMOND, John Martin Richard

ROBARTS, Francis Watson

BORTHWICK, Donald Walker

HAMPTON, John Latham

ROBINSON, Leonard Herbert Frank


HARMAN, William

ROOME, Philip William

BOYKETT, Robert Evelyn

HAYWARD, Edward John

RYAN, Alfred Eric

BRABNER, Harold Stuart Pearce

HENMAN, Charles Henry Rowed

SANDERSON, Charles Buswell

BRAGG, Eric Wensley

HEWETT, Edmund Geoffrey


BRODIE, Peter Bellinger

HEXTALL, Leonard John

SAWYER, Herbert

BROWN, Francis Clement

HILL, Reginald Gordon

SAYER, James Herbert

BUCKHAM, Norman Langley

HILLYARD, Harry Thomas

SCOTT, Stuart Harvey

BUCKWORTH, Herbert Thompson

HODGSON, Christopher Michael

SELBY, William

BUCKWORTH, Wallace Alfred

HOLLAND, Frank William

SHAW, Edward Stuart

BULLMAN, Haddon Robert Horsley

HOLYMAN, Leslie Ebenezer

SHIPTON, Joseph Cuthbert

BURGESS, Eric Archibald

HOOKE, John Clement

SILCOTT, Christian Philip Eld

BURTON, Alfred Walter

HOOPER, Bernard Keith

SIMMONDS, Guy Bloxham

BUSBY, Donald Arthur

HORTON, Cyril Aubrey

SIMMONS, Eric Warr

BUTCHER, Harold Thomas

HORTON, Percy Stainthorpe

SMETHURST, Cyril Valentine

CAREY, Francis Ambrose

HUGHES, Gordon McGregor

SMITH, Arthur Donald Thornton

CARPENTER, Cecil Henry

HUMPHREYS, Cecil James Gaston

SMITH, Frederick Granville Walker

CARPENTER, Robert Leslie

HUNT, Harry William Kingswell

SMITH, Geoffrey Harold

CARRACK, Charles James

INGRAMS, Frank Ridley

SMITH, Hamlyn Jago

CARTER, John Alan

ISAACS, Henri Roland

SMITH, Wilfred Herbert

CARTER, Malcolm Russell

IVORY, John Arthur

SNELGROVE, Herbert Davys Bernard

CARTWRIGHT, Arthur William Clarence

JACKSON, Henry Stewart

SPARKS, Frank Evans

CAWSON, George Adrian

JASTRZEBSKI, Hubert Stephen Stepowron

SPICER, Robert William

CHADBAND, John Stanley

JOHNSON, Charles Eric

STEWART, Douglas Alex

CHART, Geoffrey

KEABLE, Henry Batten

STURGES, Montague Edgar

CLARIDGE, Lawrence Braham

KESTERTON, Thomas Frederick

TAGG, Harold Arthur

CLARKE, Harold Martin

KIMPTON, Norman Herbert

THACKER, Herbert Lane

COLDWELLS, Charles Albert

KNELL, Edward Warren Harcourt

THOMAS, Len Elystan Owen

COLDWELLS, Francis Baker

KURTEN, Gaston Pierre

THOMSON, Gilbert Makepeace

COLDWELLS, Leonard George

LAINE, Charles Janion


COMBER, William

LANDER, John Herbert

TROUNSON, Graham Francis James

COMPTON, Neville George

LANE, Frederick Edward Neeve

TUCKER, Reginald

COOKE, Edward Ralph

LAUDY, Victor Spencer Harold

TULLEY, John Rudrum

COOPER, Clarence Edwards Nooth

LEANING, Reginald William

TURNER, Thomas Alfred

COOPER, Francis Nicholas Nooth

LETTS, Arthur Kingdon

TUZO, John Atkinson

COPPIN, Richard Alfred

LEWIS, Thomas Charles Victor

UNDERHILL, Edward Samuel

CORDREY, Harold Courtney

LINDLEY, Ernest William

VIPOND, George Emmerson

CORKE, Guy Harold

LLOYD, Edward Stanley

VORLEY, William Kenneth

COWLIN, Horace

LLOYD, Lyndsey

WALKER, Gordon Henry

COWLIN, Hugh Houghton

LOVETT, Alfred Crowdy

WALLER, Charles David

CURTIES, Dudley Thomas Lee

MABEY, John Hume Neilson

WALTER, Joseph Stanley

CUTLER, Harold Arthur

MACLEAN, Alan Charles

WARNER, Archibald


MADDER, Robert


DAVIES, James Gordon

MAINWARING, Cyril Lyttleton

WARNER, Henry James

DAVIS, Leopold

MARTIN, Stanley Curley James

WARRENS, Eric Kenelm

DAVISON, Robert Arthur Poole

MARTIN, Walter Percival

WEST, William

DAVY, Percy Brereton

MASSEY, Hugh Alexander


DENNETT, Thomas Frank Preston Thwaites

MATTHEWS, Frank Reginald

WHITE, Wilfred Appleton

DICKSON, Cyril Garlies

McADAM, Arthur Charles

WHITEHEAD, Eric Wilfred

DIMMOCK, Edward Harold

McMINN, Hugh Bell

WHYBROW, Harry Thomson

DOWN, Lionel Wyndham

MIDDLETON, Leonard William


DRYSDALE, Adrian Castlelaw

MITCHELL, Erik Harrison

WILKINS, Morris Howard

DUFF, Harley Norman

MOOJEN, Walter Lennox

WILLIAMS, Harold Ernest

EBBUTT, John Streeter

MORANT, Gerald Alexander McKay

WILLIAMS, Howell Whytehead

ELLIS, Dudley Hector

MORRIS, Lionel Bertram Frank

WILLIAMS, Percy John

ELLIS, Philip Henry

MÜLLER, John Stewart

WILSON, Cornelius William

ELY, Denis Herbert James

NATUSCH, Reginald William

WILSON, William Stanley

EUSTACE, William Williamson

NEAVE, Alexander Lionel W

WISE, Colin Walter

EVANS, Herbert Courtenay

NEW, Athelsan William

WITHALL, Sidney Henry

EVERITT, John Wilson

NEW, Hedley Bruce

WORSTER, Frank Copeland


NOBLE, John Stanley

YOUNG, Cuthbert Frederick

EWALD, Fred Edward Henry

NYREN, Dudley Richard