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Events: Professor Robert Tombs, Cambridge University - The Real Les Misérables

Friday 11 March
Concert Hall
FREE admission (by reserving a place)

Robert Tombs is a French historian, who specializes in the 19th century.  Many of us know the musical Les Misérables and its romantic story of suffering and struggle. The musical is based on an exciting novel by Victor Hugo. The novel focusses on a real event in Paris in 1832, when a group of young revolutionaries tried to overthrow the government, and built barricades in the streets to help them fight against the government´s troops. We shall study photographs, drawings, cartoons, maps, objects and documents, such as diaries and court records, and try to discover from this evidence what happened and what the event was like, who the revolutionaries were, what they wanted to do, who they were fighting against, and what happened to them.

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